about us

LLS provides solutions for workflow guide creation, training, support and analytics using highly accurate 3D models and AR/VR technology. 

As an extension of our work with leading defense and hardware companies, LLS created Frontline.io, a SaaS solution that transforms training and support from the imitations of the physical world to the modern, virtual world. Our clients have used Frontline to significantly reduce costs for training and support within their organizations and among their customers.

 LLS Frontline includes:

  • Frontline Procedure: Our easy drag-and-drop procedure creation tool that can utilize highly accurate 3D models or “digital twins”
  •  Frontline Virtual Training System: Our digital twinning software that allows for simulated training on highly accurate copies of real machines
  • Frontline AR: Our AR software that allows field representatives to link directly in with experts at their headquarters for  realtime troubleshooting
  • Frontline Analytics: Our dashboard that graphically tracks training sessions and AR interaction to help your organization optimize 

OUR Team

Itzhak pichadze

Chief Executive Officer

Itzhak is a technologist with vast experience in AR/VR content creation and advanced simulations.
As one of earliest developers of AR content in the world, Itzhak and his team leveraged their deep expertise in 3D modeling and texturing to bring applications and content to life in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Yoni veinberg

Chief Creative Officer

Yoni has more than 25 years of 3D modelling experience specializing in the gaming and defense industries. Yoni is an expert in leading 3D modelling and texturing teams that brings his passion to all of the firms projects.

Gilad tzori

Chief Operating Officer

Gilad has over 30 years of experience in the Israeli high-tech industry. Leading large scale mutli disciplinary R&D organization. Managing global service and support organization leading the launch of a novel printing technologies.

Ido Yitzhaki

Chief Revenue Officer

Ido has 25+ years of sales / business development experience, working in the Hitech and security international markets. Expert in new technologies for international markets with vast experience in Hi-tech start-up companies .Ido is also a proud scout and a voluntary member of the National Committee of Learning & Development, Israeli Scouts.

Tal Alexander

Sr. 3D-Artist

Arye Rein

Head of R&D

Aryeh has a Bsc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Ben Gurion University and 8 years of experience as a fullstack developer in various technologies. As a team lead, his goal is to combine both high-quality product delivery together with innovative code design and development.

Yanay nadel

Sr. Technical Artist

Yanay is a power 3D-Artist proficient in high quality real time assets who has more than 5 years experience working on some of the most sophisticated models in the world, ranging from magical submarine equipment to aircraft engines.

Moshe marcus

Sr. Product Manager

Moshe has a B.A. in interactive communications, from IDC, specializing in product management and design. Moshe has over 3 years of industry experience ranging from QA team lead to UX designer and product manager.

Shir Borer

XR Developer

 With more than 10 years of combined XR and programming experience, Shir leads our XR efforts for the Frontline product.


Full Stack Developer

Paul is a former academic and zealous convert to coding. A NodeJs and React whizz, Paul brings his love of problem solving and building beautiful constructs to LL Software’s web division.


QA Manager

Yanir has three years of experience in software testing, a year as a QA Tech lead and building the QA methodology infrastructure. He leads LLS’s QA team.

Anna naumenko


Anna is an experienced 3D-Artist with strong art and design skills, specializing in realistic modeling, texturing and shading.

nitzan lahav


Nitzan is a full stack  3D-artist with more than 3 years of experience of  producing high quallity 3D assets for real time engines.

Asaf ariel

Sr. 3D-Artist

Asaf is a 3D-Artist who has 4 years of experience in the industry. Asaf has worked on complex high polygon models for some of the leading brands in the world. He could tell you which ones but then he would have to kill you.

Ron Gur Arieh

3D Developer

Asaf is a 3D-Artist who has 4 years of experience in the industry. Asaf has worked on complex high polygon models for some of the leading brands in the world. He could tell you which ones but then he would have to kill you.