Frontline provides valuable analytics to our customers that allow them to optimize their service and training procedures.

About Analytics

optimize your operations
Frontline customers can track and evaluate their service teams and their individual sessions. Service managers now have insight into the bottlenecks and procedure steps their team members have the most difficulty with. Using our dashboard analytics give a broad view of the teams progress as well as an in-depth look at their opportunities to improve and choke-points.


Empower Service Organization

Having airtight statistics on your service team allows you to plan accordingly when your customers are in a time crunch. Determine who on your team standsout for their accuracy, consistency and time efficiency. The use your best performing technician for your most important customers.

Continuous Improvement

Service managers can course-correct with the valuable statistics Frontline Anlytics provides. Know where the choke-points are and which steps are time intensive leads to better management of team members and mentorship. No more 'black holes' for service managers. Frontline Analytics gives never-before seen data points to managers.

Realtime Data from the Field

Analyze and monitor technician performance. Go back and see case studies, record training sessions and rank the best and worst of every service provided. Usage history and statistics with advance hotspots make selective improvements and optimizing team easy.

Cross Device

Frontline Analytics are recorded from a host of devices and operating systems.

1. Laptop/PCs
2. Mobile & tablet devices
3. Web browsers
4. Augmented Reality based head-worn displays


Smartphones & tablet
Connect remote experts from the office to field service representative who are always equiped with mobile phones or tablets.
head mounted displays
To optimize field service work, using AR/VR head mounted display systems like smartglasses or visors is game changing.
Remote experts use laptop or desktop computers to annotate in real-time instructions to help their field representatives.
Knowledge trancends space

Frontline Modules

Frontline Procedure

Drag & drop procedure creation tool that allows users from any department to create procedures, checklists, safety inspection within minutes.

Frontline Virtual Training

Use digital twinning to train technicians and employees across departments from engineering to marketing.

frontline AR

Allows workers in the field to work in real-time with remote experts using contextual AR annotations.