Enable your experts and field technicians to collaborate with the added power of augmented reality.

About Frontline AR

Frontline Support
Frontline is a mobile app and a collaboration tool that allows remote field technicians and experts to connect via live video, audio, and a powerful annotation toolset that is overlaid onto the real world.

Annotations and 3D models are placed by users through shared one-way video and stay locked onto the real world, giving rich context and eliminates confusion. No matter how users move around, their annotations will lock ensuring their message and intent never gets lost.


Reduce Support Costs

Cut travel costs, machine and facility time, and instructor fees associated with live support. Distribute better support to your workforce and perform complex tasks with reduced risk to both staff and equipment. Frontline AR is available anytime, anywhere on web, PC, mobile & smart glasses.

Accelerate Engagement

3D interactivity turns passive observers into active, hands-on participants. Information is displayed as interactive 3D content mirroring the real world in both form and function.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze and monitor technician performance. Go back and see case studies, record training sessions and rank the best and worst of every service provided. Usage history and statistics with advance hotspots make selective improvements and optimizing team easy.

Cross platform

Frontline AR allows service engineers and operators to access visual instruction and live guidance – 24 hours a day from anywhere and on any platform inlcuding:

1. Laptop/PCs
2. Mobile & tablet devices
3. Web browsers
4. Augmented Reality based hardware


Smartphones & tablet
Connect remote experts from the office to field service representative who are always equiped with mobile phones or tablets.
head mounted displays
To optimize field service work, using AR/VR head mounted display systems like smartglasses or visors is game changing.
Remote experts use laptop or desktop computers to annotate in real-time instructions to help their field representatives.
Knowledge trancends space

Frontline Modules

Frontline Procedure

Drag & drop procedure creation tool that allows users from any department to create procedures, checklists, safety inspection within minutes.

Frontline Virtual Training

Use digital twinning to train technicians and employees across departments from engineering to marketing.

frontline AR

Allows workers in the field to work in real-time with remote experts using contextual AR annotations.